Thursday, February 1, 2007

Additional Components, Revisions

4 Way Joy Stick
I did not like the height of the 4 way ms. packman joystick. In the control panel it was not high enough to be comfortable so I ended up purchasing from slickstick a lighted ball top. However I did not like the way that felt or worked in 4 way mode. So what to do....

I replace the ms. packman stick with the stick from the ball top without any difficulty.

I do find that the feel of the stick is not excellent but way better the the lighted ball top in 4 way mode. I also swapped the bottom of the joy sticks so the slickstick wiring would not dislodge. No problems, the screws line up perfectly.

So I guess I have a hybrid 4 way joy stick at this point.

Light Guns

ACT Labs

I purchased 2 ACT Labs guns and a couple of bar code scanner holders.

I purchased a new marquee from

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