Thursday, February 1, 2007

Proof - It's for the kids

Proof that it really was built for the kids. Here is my son playing World Class Bowling. Two things to notice here, first no control panel yet. Second, it is all black now. I got rid of the blue on the top of this cab. This was the second of 4 paint jobs on the cab. Also notice how nicely the tv fits into the cab. The SVideo jack broke shortly after and I had to swap it out with another tv I had. The new TV had 1/8 of an inch clearance.

I also have a temp marquee printed out on paper backlit by a florescent lamp.
The top pic is taken a few days later at my son's birthday party. The crowd of kids and adults around the MAME never lessened. It was a huge success.

PS You never know what is going to happen with your programming until you have a gathering of kids giving the MAME a proper shakedown. I had to tweak a few settings throughout the day.
This is one of the reasons I went with a 4 player control panel. Many kids wanting to play at the same time.

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