Thursday, February 1, 2007

Phoenix Rising

Why does it always seem like I am cutting MDF in the middle of July?

On a side note, notice the navy top now. This was the third color combo for my UAII.

I set off to improve my original design. I pick up a pair of plasma disks for the sides, a new florescent light for the marquee, a piece of greylight 13 for the front plexi glass, cold cathodes for the bottom lighting and a new 4 slot Happ coin door with new color coin acceptors for each slot. I also picked up a pair of Pyle speakers. To turn on the unit I picked up a smart strip power strip to turn everything on at the same time.

So I rebuild the broken cab routing out the circles for the plasma disk. Stupid MDF, I forgot how heavy it is and what a mess it makes. Cut the speaker mount, hmmm it does not quite fit right, let me trim the angle slightly.... woops trimmed it the wrong way, I can fix that, flip it over and recut. A little short but with glue and screws, it fits perfect. Install, resand the cab and repaint. Looking good!!! Hmmm the marquee is a 1/4 inch too long, no problem, a sharp knife and all better. Hmmm the marquee plexi does not fit, out with the router, all better (now if you have been reading from the beginning you should know where this is going)…

Install the coin door, marquee, plasma disks, speakers, cold cathodes, looking SWEET!!!!

Now for the tv. Hmmm thats odd, it no longer fits. Must be the speaker mount that I trimmed. That’s a shame. No problem, I will just install the original tv that I bought for the arcade. Fits like a glove, no extra space to spare. Now hook up the S-video and turn on. NADA, NOTHING, oh thats right, the S-Video jack on the TV does not work. No problem, Plug in the component and I'm good to go. SWEET!!!!


How am i now going to hook up the light guns?


and now sadly my choices are

1 purchase a new tv
2 pay to fix the s-video jack on the tv (probably the same cost as a new tv)
3 purchase new guncons and hope to get the dual guns working
4 haul the cab back out to the garage and cut the speaker mount out and put in another, then sand, and repaint, then bring it back in and re hook up everything.

PS greylite14 1/4 tempered I got price quotes of 90, 80 and 55$. I went with the 55.

Reluctantly I haul the cab back out into the garage and install a new speakeer mount.

PS again. I took the liberty of upgrading the wheels I originally installed on the cab. Apparently the crushing weight of this monster was too much for my wheels rated at 100 lbs each.

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