Thursday, February 1, 2007

Control panel

To make the control panel, we went through many layouts. Finally we came upon a design we liked.

We first made a template to see how it would really work. After a bit more tweaking we finalized the design.

The above pic shows the finished layout. If you are going to do a control panel, do it correctly. You will need an 1 1/8 bit for drilling out the button holes as well as a jig saw to cut out for the track ball.

You also need a router with a mortis bit to recess the track ball plate. If all is done correctly you will be pleased with the result.

When I was ready to cut the holes for my plexi, I fiirst did my control panel case and top with all the holes cut out, I then placed the plexi on my control panel (keeping the protective paper on the plexi). I put a lit flashlight into the control panel and that caused the light to shine through the plexi so I knew exactly where the holes were. I used a plung router bit to put a hole into the center of each button then used a flush trim router bit to clean each hole. The results were perfect. No problems

Once that was done, I used the flush trim router bit to recess the track ball mounting plate

Now here is where my friend has his pain. His job was to do the graphic and to wire up everything. I laughed out loud when he told me of how one of the c clips on a joystick flew across the room during disasembely. It almost made swallowing all that MDF dust worth while.

The final touch was to have my graphic printed by Scott at

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ILoveTech said...

Hi there,

I'd like to know if you still have the template/plan for that quad control panel you built. if so, would you consider sharing it with me? much thanks!